Apartment Lease Agreement

Colorado Apartment Lease Agreement


The Colorado Apartment Lease Kit provides an apartment lease form and inspection checklist, important legal documents every Landlord should use to safely rent an apartment to a Tenant.

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Any Colorado¬†Landlord who seeks to rent an apartment they own to a prospective Tenant should do so only with a properly prepared Apartment Lease. A Tenant who seeks to rent an apartment in Colorado¬†should also insist upon receiving a written lease since this document will explain each party’s responsibilities and rights and what will happen in case of issues that arise during the course of a lease term. The lease will set forth all the important details you need such as the amount of rent, the length or duration of the lease, security deposits, the obligations of each party and more. An inspection form can help each party avoid problems or misunderstandings when a lease ends and will protect both a Landlord and Tenant with a rental of an apartment in Colorado.

A joint inspection form is useful to document the inspection and can help avoid problems or misunderstandings at the end of the lease term. It helps protect both the Landlord as well as the Tenant.

This Colorado Apartment Lease packet includes everything necessary for a Landlord to rent an apartment to a Tenant, including the Lease, the Inspection Checklist and much more.

These are just some of the important provisions included in this Colorado Apartment Lease Agreement:

  • Leased Premises and Lease Term: Describes the location of the apartment and the term of the lease;
  • Lease Payments and Late Charges: Amount of the rent, the manner and timing of rental payments, and penalties for late payments or insufficient funds;
  • Security Deposit: Amount of the security deposit, and conditions for the return of the deposit;
  • Default: Explains the events of default and both financial as well as physical remedies available;
  • Covenant of Quiet Enjoyment: The tenant may peaceably and quietly enjoy the apartment by fulfilling his or her obligations;
  • Possession of Property, Utilities, Pets: Describes when Tenant may take possession of the apartment, who is responsible for utilities and whether pets are allowed;
  • Assignment and Subletting: Sets forth the conditions under which the tenant may assign or sublet the apartment;
  • Maintenance and Repair:The tenant will keep and maintain the apartment in good condition and repair during the term of the lease;
  • Abandonment: Sets forth when the apartment may be considered abandoned;
  • Insurance: Sets forth the insurance requirements;
  • Additional Terms: Additional optional terms include parking, balconies, bicycles, liquid-filled furniture, building rules and more.


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